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SBI Cleark Exam Question 16.01.2011

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1> South africa currency is:
Ans: Rand

2> World boxing championship won by :
Ans: Vijendra Singh

3> Somdev barman related with:
Ans: lawn tennis

4> RIM is from which country:
Ans: RIm is a Candaian company which develops Blackberry phones

5> Award in the field of cinema is:
Ans: Dadasaheb Phalke.

6> Black berry services is from:
Ans: Canada

7> Asian games 2010 were held in:
Ans: China.

8> Which of the following has not received LG ICC Awards:
Ans: Ishant sharma

9> what is MFI
Ans: Micro Finance Institutions:

10> Which of the following is not related to Hockey:
Ans: pull

11> EMI stands for:
Ans: Equated Monthly Installment

12> RBI Changes reverse repo rate by:
Ans: 25%.

13> India had military exercise with:
Ans: France

14> Name of Chetan Bhagat book:
Ans: 3 mistakes of my life.

15> Antaheen National Award winning film is in:
Ans: Bengali language

16> Miss universe 2010 is:
Ans: Ximena Navarrete

17> Current Indian Railway minister is:
Ans: Mamta Banerjee.

18> Which Counry is trying its currency Yuan to maintain its market value:
Ans: China

19> PDS is:
Ans: Public distribution system:

20> which was not in CWG no medal won:
Ans: Mahindra Singh Dhoni.

21> Mike Russell related with:
Ans: billiards

22> Stainless steel contains:
Ans: chromium

23> In October 2010 elections held:


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