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APSPDCL Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited – www.apspdcl.in

APSPDCL Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited – www.apspdcl.in

Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited or APSPDCL supplies power to 6 districts of Andhra Pradesh. APSPDCL supply power in Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor and Kadapa districts of Andhra Pradesh. APSPDCL is a one of four electricity distribution company of Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APTRANSCO).

APSPDCL has over 5 million customers in Andhra Pradesh.

These over 5 million consumer now can pay their electricity bill through Online Bill Payment portal.

To Pay your Electricity Bill click on the link below. (LogIn required)


Pay Bill Online (APOnline)

Pay Bill Online (BillDesk)


If you have any query regarding APSPDCL Online Bill Payment, Just write a Comment below.


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Updated: February 21, 2014 — 5:49 pm


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  1. Bill payment

  2. HI Sir,

    I am staying at Tirupathi. I was created an account in APSPDCL and can view the bill, but unfortunately I am unable to pay the bill through online.While I click on Pay bill, its redirecting to APONLINE where also I was a registered user. There APSPDC bill is not showing.

    Can u please help how to pay my electricity bill through online

    Thank you in advance for ur valuable suggestions .

    Gali Ravi Kumar

  3. i am from puttur
    i am also facing the same situation

  4. pls anybody help me in this regard

  5. hai sir : iam from kadapa apspdcl how to online payment pls send me.

  6. Even after password changed my attempt to login failed. Lot of confusion/cumbersome aponline.gov.in.only to trouble the customers who want to use online facility for payment of electricity/other statutory bills.

  7. First creat an account in aponline, then go to ADOC Payments– Spdcl bill payment– Select district– Consumer No:—ERO: First three digits of consumer no—Slab– Show details– Then your details will be displayed– Confirm Payment— Select bank——-then pay ur bill

  8. please do as mr RAJ said above. if you want to pay spdcl bill through aponline first
    you must create account in aponline. then everything will be vary easy.

  9. I tried to pay electricity bill through aponline (for APSPDCL). When I gave full details of bank account, and submit , it says processing and then i get Error message on screen.
    Amount is deducted from bank account, but bill is not paid to APSPDCL. I do not see any transactions in My Transactions page. I mailed the details to aponline to fix it. This happened twice in this month. What should I do now? I paid through other Banks option

  10. Same is the case with me. when I am asking for payment of the bill, I am redirected to APONLINE where it was imppossible to pay the bill.


  11. sir iam in kadapa dist how to veiw my current bills online please help me sir

  12. thank you for sharing information

  13. i am at nellore but i am not able to pay the electricity bill online through sbi. only some districts are

    there in the list

  14. If i pay my bill on aponline ihave to pay extra 10 rs as service charge ? why service if we are paying from our bank . where iam paying my bsnl phone bill ,ther is no service charge .why spdcl charging ? pb chowdary

  15. Sir,e-bill payment is very very happy,, more over bill is not generated even after receipt of the bill

    for two or more days.Try to view bill within 24 hours.Prompt payers may utilize the facility.


  17. I have paid APSPDCL bill for vijayawada through billdesk and it is not updated. The concerned ERO says that one has to go to their office and submit a receipt(proof of online payment) after paying online through billdesk. Then why online paymentIs the stand of ERO correct.

  18. Sir how bill payment

  19. Sir,
    I am paying Ele bill online. Now it is not showing Bill amount or Online pay .It is showing bill desk,APonline only. so pl. put online pay option …VRL Sarma

  20. Unable to pay eb bill online, your website is not accepting payment. ERROR MESAGE COMING EVERY TIME. PLEASE LOOK


  22. Hi sir,

    I have registered but I didn’t get received any password throw email. please let me know how much time it will take to send password to my mail.

  23. It is working, anle to pay the bill of kadapa city

  24. How to pay BSNL bi monthly telephone bill of Kavali connection which is in Nellore district thru net banking.

  25. How to get print out of receipt later of an electricity bill paid online to APSPDCL,Andhra Pradesh?

  26. I got a bill hard copy here in my house but i did not get the amount online how many it will take to update the bill online

  27. Sir I paid this month electricity bill two times.first time it is showing that the transaction doesn’t done while redirecting to bank.but amount deducted from my account.again I paid that Time it was successful.again amount deducted.what to do to know the first payment status.

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