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GESCOM Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited – www.gescom.in

GESCOM Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited – www.gescom.in

Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited or GESCOM supplies power to all over Gulbarga & Bellary. GESCOM is a one of many electricity distribution centers of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL).

GESCOM has over 2 million customers in Gulbarga & Bellary.

These over 2 million consumer pay their electricity bill through computerise system of bill collection centers. Till now GESCOM has not provide online bill payment service to its 2 million consumers. Hope soon they include this service.

If you have any query regarding GESCOM Online Bill Payment, Just write a Comment below.


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  1. Yes i Agree With Sir S. M. Ibrahim, Im also Watching When This Facility Releasing.
    Pleeeeez Provide Us Online Bill Payment Like BSNL.

  2. Today in the computer era GESCOM is the only company which has not provided online payments to its Two million consumers. I think this is a shameful thing for which the Gescom should provide the online service(Through its website) to its consumers as soon as possible.

  3. When will the online payment system will start. As IT IS DIFFICULT to stand in the Q to pay the bill every time, request you to make online system a reality as soon as possible.

  4. Nowadays on line bill payment is neccessary to save time and energy. kindly do provide the same as early as possible

  5. please start the online electricity bill payment at the earliest……theres huge inconvinence to come from office to pay the bill manually and to stand in a long que.it would be very much helpful if you start the online services….

  6. I am staying at HOSPET Kindly inform me from which date I can start paying my erlectricity bills online

  7. Iam staying in Gulbarga,kindly advise me how to make Online payment of Gulbarga electricity bill through Credit Card or Debit Card.

  8. We all are requesting for providing on line bill payment it will helpful for the consumer so we are kindly requesting you to please provide the online payment ,

  9. Dear Sir, Kindly save the valuable time of your customers and in-convenience to customers by arranging ON-Line Payment. Each of your customer has to spend minimum of two hours only on this assignment (to and fro travel & time to stand in the Queee…………….). Kindly do the needful

  10. When can we expect Electricity On-line Bill Payment to GESCOM consumers??? Please start the on-line payment facility soon!.

  11. If GESCOM will provide online facility to the Bellary consumers, its really great help to the public who can pay their electricity bill through online. I hope the system can be implimented very soon please.


  13. Hello State Govt. please woke up. Please take necessary action at the earliest. It may encourage payment of bills on and in time in mass. It will finally help the people.

  14. people at the desk cannot process the receipt in times. It would be of great help to people who are working and who cannot spare their time due to their working schedules. Pl GESCOM MANAGEMENT GET UP AND IMPLEMENT THE ONLINE BILL PAYMENT . RPS RAICHUR

  15. Dear Gescom Executives,

    It is humble request to you that kindly provide a service to pay electricity bills online. So as to enable us pay bills in time lieu of standing in ques.

    Hope, you’ll be initiate the subject as early as possible….

  16. Sir plz online payment for electricity bill in ap very small vilager person paying online payment we not there online . . Plz do online for bill payment via net banking or dbt card

  17. Hello GESCOM technical people Grow up soon and make the online payment link… are we in 2000 yr or 2014 ??? Make it ASAP and prove that u guys are updated soon……..

  18. in our city only one place for electricity bill pay in keb office there is toooo rush so if you can provide frency for me i will collect bill through online that is facility to public i am from basavakalyan

  19. Kindly I’m requesting to u,open ur online bill payments sites shortly.We are waiting to ur online bill payments sites.

  20. hello sir, i requesting u, plz provide us online elecricity bill payment thourgh netbanking and extra extra.,,, this imad lives in bidar karnataka

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