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MESCOM Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited – www.mesco.in

MESCOM Online Bill Payment – ePayment – Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited – www.mesco.in

Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited or MESCOM supplies power to all over Mangalore. MESCOM is a one of many electricity distribution centers of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL).

MESCOM does not provide any online Bill Payment service to their consumers. Till now consumers need to pay their Electricity bill to the Bill collection centers. But soon MESCOM will launch Online bill payment portal for their consumers.

If you have any query regarding MESCOM Online Bill Payment, Just write a Comment below.


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  1. kindly send send my mescom statement of account account no UL 34009 MESCOM ULLAL Branch

    best regds .
    mahammad siddiq

  2. i want to pay the electricity bill through online payment, what is the procedure for the same, some time i’ll try to registered the same for userid but not created. please help me for the same for smooth functioning

  3. Hi,
    Support for paying the bills online will be really helpful. Hoping that it will be enabled really soon.


  4. When will online bill payment service be started? Please start as early as posisble. This will be helpful for many people.

  5. online payment facility is one of the basic need of EB . can you start this as soon as possible .

  6. Please begin the system of paying mescom bills on line. It will be convenient
    to many people.

  7. mescom please start the online electricity payment at the earliest. It should be must.kindly do the needful.

  8. Hi,

    Please start online bill payment mode as soon as possible. Kindly let me know if it is available

  9. Hi i am suresh Please kindly as soon as launch on your website for the bill pay through online. its is so many help to People and save their timing. because time is very precious.
    so please kindly launch.

  10. Respected officers,

    Kindly start official website for payment of MESCOM Electricity Bills through online.If this facility is available that will be more benefitial to the consumers.Start as soon as possible

  11. Please make online payment of mescom bills through your own portal. This has already been introduced in Maharashtra and Kerala. Karnataka should not lag behind. & Guys make it fast.

  12. pls kindly start offial payment of mescom electricity bills through online if this facility is avalable will be more benifitial to consumers start as soon as possible

  13. Please introduce online bill payment system for Mescom, now a days people do not have time to go Mescom office and stand in Q to pay their bills. Please as soon as possible introduce online payment method, it not only eases Mescom operation but also for users.

  14. MESCOM bills on line payment will ease the customer as well as MESCOM, which saves valuable time, etc. This type pro-customer facilities should be provided with top priority. Hope MESCOM will take immediate step in this direction.

  15. Facility of Online payment of MESCOM bills will also help to reduce late payment by consumers.
    MESCOM, Please provide this facility as soon as possible.

  16. Pls advise when the online payment of electricity will go live. Its one of the convenient tool for us to make payment. Since my house is generally on rent or locked I would prefer to have online information for timely payments

  17. Gentlemen,
    Please provide facility of online (e payment)of electricity bills , enable us to use electronic payment mode, as most of all payments available online.

    Thank you

  18. Is there any way my MESCOM electricity bill is auto debited to my bank account?

    Please let me know, else MESCOM, please do the needful.

    Thank you

  19. Hi Kindly provide the e-payment facility to MESCOM ASAP. It will help lot of people.

  20. Please start MESCOM online bill payment option, It will help for so many busy peoples. and also pending bills will be cleared

  21. Please launch the e payment gateway for electricity bill payment….really a boon to all working couples like us

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