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Renu Bala Chanu clinches weightlifting gold in CWG 2010 Current Affairs

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Renu Bala Chanu gave India its first gold medal in Commonwealth Games weightlifting event after finishing on top in women’s 58 kg category in Delhi at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium sports complex on 6.10.2010.
Renu Bala outshone all her competitors as she smoothly lifted all the weights before failing in her last attempt of 103 kg in clean and jerk event, but by then she had already pocketed the No. 1 position.
And although Sean Lee of Australia tried to come close to her but she had to be satisfied with a silver medal, while Zoe Smith of England took bronze.
Renu Bala looked comfortable from the very beginning. She ended the snatch event with a highest lift of 90 kg that made her set a new Commonwealth Games record.
Ciana Agricole with 87 kg after the snatch event was placed second but she ultimately finished fourth.
Then in the clean and jerk category, Renu Bala lifted 104 kgs= in her very first attempt, and followed it up by 107 kg to make it a total of 197. Lee, who with her successful lift of 106 in her second attempt in clean and jerk plus her 86 kg lift in snatch event, acquired a total of 192.
In her final lift, she opted for 111 kg to pose some challenge to India but she failed. And that automatically handed Renu Bala the yellow medal.
Renu Bala, on her part made an attempt to lift 113 kg in her third and the final chance but she could not. The bronze medalist Zoe Smith meanwhile ended with a total of 188 kg.


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