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Boats and Streams


Sample Questions:

1. In one hour a boat goes 11 km long the stream and 5 km against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water is?
A. 6 kmph B. 9 kmph
C. 7 kmph D. 8 kmph

Ans: D

2.A man can row 18 kmph in still water. It takes him thrice as long as row up as to row down the river. find the rate of stream.
A. 5 kmph B. 12 kmph
C. 9 kmph D. 8 kmph

Ans: C

3.A man can row 71/2kmph in still watre . if in a river running at 1.5 km an hour, if takes him 50 min to row to place and back. how far off is the place?
A. 2 km B. 3 km
C. 1 km D. 5 km

Ans: B

4.A man can row 3 quarters of a km aganist the stream is 111/4 min. the speed of the man in still water is ?
A. 3 kmph B. 9 kmph
C. 7 kmph D. 5 kmph

Ans: D

5.A boat can travel with a speed of 13 kmph in still water. if the speed of stream is 4 kmph,find the time taken by the boat to go 68 km downstream?
A. 3 hrs B. 3 1/2 hrs
C. 4 hrs D. 5 hrs

Ans: C

6.A boat takes 90 min less to travel 36 miles downstream then to travel the same distence upstream. if the speed of the boat in still water is 10 mph . The speed of the stream is:
A. 1 kmph B. 3 kmph
C. 2 kmph D. 4 kmph

Ans: C

7.At his usual rowing rate, Rahul 12 miles down stream in a certain river in 6 hrs less than it takes him to travel the same distence upstream. but if he could double his usual rowing rate for his 24 miles roundthe down stream 12 miles would then take only one hour less than the up stream 12 miles. what is the speed of the current in miles per hours?
A. 26/5 mph B. 22/3 mph
C. 23/5 mph D. 22/7 mph

Ans: B

8.There is a road beside a river. two friends started from a place A, moved to a temple situated at another place B and then returned to A again. one of them moves on a cycle at a speed of 12 kmph, while the other sails on a boat at a speed of 10 kmph . if the river flows at the speedof 4 kmph, which of the two friends will return to place A first ?
A. Cyclist B. Boat Sailor
C. Both D. None

Ans: A

9.A boat takes 19 hrs for travelling downstream from point A to point B. and coming back to a point C midway between A and B. if the velocity of the sream is 4 kmph. and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 kmph. what is the distence between A and B?
A. 200 km B. 195 km
C. 180 km D. 190 km

Ans: C


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