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Nag Missile hits a moving target in 3.2 seconds Current Affairs

Anti-tank missile Nag on 13.06.2010 was successfully test-fired from the Army’s Field Firing Range at Shamirpet, near Hyderabad. This time it hit a moving object. On June 6, 2010, it destroyed a stationary target and proved its capability of destroying a target at a close range of 500 metres in three seconds.
On 13.06.2010, Nag smashed the moving target in 3.2 seconds after its launch at 10.30 a.m., a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official told. The test-firing was conducted by missile scientists from the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) after the Army requested for a close range launch on a moving target. The missile punched a hole as it pierced through the target, which was specially developed by Hyderabad-based Delta Technologies in collaboration with DRDL.
Director of Research Centre Imarat (RCI), S.K. Ray, RCI Associate Director S.K. Chaudhuri, Director of Missile Systems Quality Assurance Agency Commodore S. Patel and other DRDO officials were present.
With the land version of the missile already proving a maximum range of four km in the user trials held in the last two years in Rajasthan, the official said Nag had a higher lock-on before launch range compared to contemporary third generation anti-tank missiles. As the missile is expected to be cleared for induction by the Army after the final validation trials next month of July, 2010, the pre-production process was on at Bharat Dynamics Limited in Hyderabad.
Equipped with an active Imaging Infra-red seeker to make it highly accurate, the missile has top-attack capability to defeat the armour of modern-day tanks. The missile carries a highly potent HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) warhead and could be launched during both day and night.


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