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1. The Indian Economy will grow as per the estimates given by the Asian Development Bank [ADB] at which of the following rates in 2008 ?
[A] 6.7%
[B] 7.5%
[C] 8.5%
[D] 8%
Ans [D]

2. Government has notified the hike in Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] limit for Public Sector Undertakings refineries. The new FDI limit is—
[A] 26%
[B] 49%
[C] 51%
[D] 75%
Ans: [B]

3. As per the report on State of Forest released on February 13, 2008, what is the percentage coverage of forest area in the total geographical area of the country ?
[A] 22.20%
[B] 21.30%
[C] 20.60%
[D] 19.90%
Ans: [C]

4. 13th Finance Commission has been constituted under the Chairmanship of—
[A] Y. S. P. Thorat
[B] Vijai L. Kelkar
[C] T. S. Vijayan
[D] Laxmi Narayan
Ans: [C]

5. SEBI is a—
[A] Statutory body
[B] Advisory body
[C] Constitutional body
[D] Non-statutory body
Ans: [A]

6. 15th SAARC Summit is scheduled to be held in July-August 2008. The changed venue of the summit is—
[A] New Delhi
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] Maldives
[D] Bangladesh
Ans: [B]

7. When was the SAARC established ?
[A] On December 8, 1984
[B] On January 1, 1984
[C] On December 8, 1985
[D] On January 1, 1985
Ans: [C]

8. What is the present number of member countries of European Economic Community ?
[A] 15
[B] 12
[C] 25
[D] 20
Ans: [B]

9. Which Committee recommended abolition of tax rebates under section 88 ?
[A] Chelliah Committee
[B] Kelkar Committee
[C] Shome Committee
[D] None of the above
Ans: [B]

10. Which of the following countries is not the members of European Union ?
[A] Switzerland
[B] Malta
[C] The Czeck Republic
[D] Poland
Ans: [A]

11. Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojna is related to—
[A] Communication
[B] Social Integration
[C] Linking of Rivers
[D] Development of Highways
Ans: [D]

12. ‘Sagarmala’ is a name associated with—
[A] A drilling vessel
[B] A project of port development
[C] Oil well in Indian Ocean
[D] None of the above
Ans: [B]

13. Tarapore Committee submitted its report on “Full Convertibility on Rupee” in—
[A] Current account
[B] Capital account
[C] Both in current as well as in capital account
[D] Special Drawing Rights [SDR]
Ans: [B]

14. The new President of FICCI [Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry] is—
[A] K. C. Raina
[B] V. P. Shetty
[C] Rajiv Chandrashekhar
[D] Som Mittal
Ans: [C]

15. As per Revised Estimates for 2006-07 released by CSO, the growth rate for Indian economy has been estimated to be—
[A] 9.0%
[B] 9.2%
[C] 9.4%
[D] 9.6%
Ans: [D]

16. CENVAT is related to—
[A] Sales Tax
[B] Excise Duty
[C] Custom Duty
[D] Service Tax
Ans: [B]

17. Aam Admi Bima Yojana provides social security to—
[A] All labours in rural areas
[B] All landless labours living below poverty line in rural areas
[C] All labours in urban areas
[D] All labours in both rural as well as urban areas
Ans: [B]

18. According to 2001 census urbanrural population ratio is about—
[A] 35 : 65
[B] 32 : 68
[C] 28 : 72
[D] 25 : 75
Ans: [C]

19. As per the final estimates of Ministry of Agriculture, the rice production for 2006-07 is estimated at—
[A] 80.11 MT
[B] 90.0 MT
[C] 93.4 MT
[D] 101.60 MT
Ans: [C]

20. According to 2001 census the state having highest urban population is—
[A] U.P.
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Kerala
Ans: [B]

21. The growth rate of construction sector for the year 2006-07 has been estimated at the level—
[A] 9.2%
[B] 8.5%
[C] 11.0%
[D] 12.0%
Ans: [D]

22. International Finance Corporation [IFC] has decided to fund an Ultra Mega Power Project in Gujarat. This project belongs to—
[A] Reliance Group
[B] Tata Group
[C] Birla Group
Ans: [B]

23. Which states ranks first and last respectively in Education Development Index [EDI] prepared to track the progress of states towards providing universal elementary education ?
[A] Kerala and Orissa respectively
[B] Kerala and Bihar repectively
[C] Andhra Pradesh and Orissa respectively
[D] Karnataka and Bihar respectively
Ans: [B]

24. Targeted power capacity addition for 11th plan period is—
[A] 41110 MW
[B] 66463 MW
[C] 68963 MW
[D] 86283 MW
Ans: [B]

25. During 2006-07 which sector has shown the highest growth rate ?
[A] Service Sector
[B] Manufacturing Sector
[C] Transport and communication
[D] Agriculture Sector
Ans: [C]

26. The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC is—
[A] Secretary of Finance Ministry
[B] General Secretary of Lok Sabha
[C] Secretary of Planning Commission
[D] Vice Chairman of Planning Commission
Ans: [C]

27. 15th SAARC Summit was held in July–August 2008. The venue of the summit was—
[A] New Delhi
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] Maldives
[D] Bangladesh
Ans: [B]

28. In National Mineral Policy [1993] which mineral was allowed for having investment from private sector—
[A] Coal
[B] Iron
[C] Gold
[D] Platinum
Ans: [A]

29. The share of road transport in total transport of the country is–
[A] 20%
[B] 40%
[C] 60%
[D] 80%
Ans: [D]

30. 11th National Conference on e-governance was held on 7–8 February, 2008 at—
[A] Gurgaon [Haryana]
[B] Chandigarh
[C] Mohali [Punjab]
[D] Panchkula [Haryana]
Ans: [D]

31. Which percentage of Central Taxes have been recommended by the 12th Finance Commission to be transferred to States ?
[A] 28.5%
[B] 29.5%
[C] 30.5%
[D] 31.5%
Ans: [C]

32. Which state possesses the maximum percentage of SC population ?
[A] U.P.
[B] M.P.
[C] Kerala
[D] Punjab
Ans: [D]

33. Government has decided to cover all districts of the country in National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme [NREGP]—
[A] Upto January 1, 2008
[B] Upto March 31, 2008
[C] w.e.f April 1, 2008
[D] w.e.f. April 1, 2009
Ans: [B]

34. What is ‘NIKKEI’ ?
[A] Share Price Index of Tokyo Share Market
[B] Name of Japanese Central Bank
[C] Japanese name of Country’s Planning Commission
[D] Foreign Exchange Market of Japan
Ans: [A]

35. Which statement is correct for Indian Planning Commission ?
[A] It is not defined in Indian Constitution
[B] Members and vice-chairman of it do not have fixed working duration
[C] Members do not require any minimum education
[D] All of these
Ans: [D]

36. Which State of the following has adopted VAT [Value Added Tax] w.e.f. January 1, 2007 ?
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Gujarat
[D] Goa
Ans: [A]

37. Service Tax revenue collection for 2007–08 [Budget estimates] was proposed at Rs. 50,200 crore but the revised estimates remained at—
[A] Rs. 50,603 crore
[B] Rs. 52,603 crore
[C] Rs. 64,460 crore
[D] Rs. 64,640 crore
Ans: [A]

38. NABARD was established on the recommendation of—
[A] Public Account Committee
[B] Shivaraman Committee
[C] Narsimham Committee
[D] None of these
Ans: [B]

39. Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana has been launched from—
[A] 1st April, 2001
[B] 25th Sept., 2001
[C] 30th Sept., 2001
[D] No scheme of such title has yet launched
Ans: [B]

40. Which company is providing mobile service with name ‘Cell one’ to the consumers ?
[C] Reliance Infocom
[D] Bharti Tele
Ans: [B]

41. VAT is imposed—
[A] Directly on consumer
[B] On final stage of production
[C] On first stage of production
[D] On all stages between production and final sale
Ans: [D]

42. The newly elevated person as Joint Chairman–cum–Managing Director of National Aviation Company of India Ltd. [NACIL] is—
[A] S. Sridhar
[B] Viswapati Trivedi
[C] Rajiv Chandrashekhar
[D] Venugopal Dhoot
Ans: [B]

43. Kutir Jyoti scheme is associated with—
[A] Promoting cottage industry in villages
[B] Promoting employment among rural unemployed youth
[C] Providing electricity to rural families living below the poverty line
[D] All of these
Ans: [C]

44. Novelis has been acquired and merged with—
[A] Tata Steels
[D] Jindal Steels
Ans: [C]

45. OTCEI is—
[A] Atomic Submarine of China
[B] Economic policy of USA
[C] An Indian Share Market
[D] A defence research organisation
Ans: [C]

46. The New Chairman of SEBI [Securities and Exchange Board of India] is—
[A] M. Damodaran
[B] C. B. Bhave
[C] Venugopal Dhoot
[D] Sunil K. Munjal
Ans: [B]

47. Gross Budgetary Support [GBS] for 2008–09 as per document of 11th plan stands at Rs. 2,28,725 crore but in budget proposals for 2008–09 it has been raised to—
[A] Rs. 2,23,386 crore
[B] Rs. 2,43,386 crore
[C] Rs. 2,63,386 crore
[D] Rs. 28,456 crore
Ans: [B]

48. The base of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers is being shifted from 1982 to—
[A] 1995
[B] 1998
[C] 2000
[D] 2001
Ans: [D]

49. In Budget proposals for 2008–09, which of the following gives 24% contribution in revenue collection of union government ?
[A] Income Tax
[B] Excise
[C] Corporation Tax
[D] Non-tax Revenue
Ans: [C]

50. The base year of present Consumer Price Index [CPI] for Urban Non-Manual Employees [CPI—UNME] is—
[A] 1980-81
[B] 1981-81
[C] 1982-83
[D] 1984-85
Ans: [D]

51. CAPART is related with—
[A] Assisting and evaluating rural welfare programmes
[B] Computer hardware
[C] Consultant service of export promotion
[D] Controlling pollution in big industries
Ans: [A]

52. Note issuing deptt. of RBI should always possess the minimum gold stock of worth—
[A] Rs. 85 crore
[B] Rs. 115 crore
[C] Rs. 200 crore
[D] None of these
Ans: [B]

53. Which of the following does not grant any tax rebate ?
[A] National Saving Certificate
[B] Indira Vikas Patra
[C] National Saving Scheme
[D] Public Providend Fund
Ans: [B]

54. Ad hoc Treasury Bill System of meeting budget deficit in India was abolished on—
[A] 31 March, 1997
[B] 31 March, 1996
[C] 1 April, 1992
[D] 1 April, 1995
Ans: [A]

55. SEBI was established in—
[A] 1993
[B] 1992
[C] 1988
[D] 1990
Ans: [C]

56. The working of SEBI includes—
[A] To regulate the dealings of share market
[B] To check the foul dealings in share market
[C] To control the inside trading of shares
[D] All of these
Ans: [D]

57. The “Ad hoc Treasury Bill System” of meeting budget deficit in India was replaced by ‘Ways and Means Advances System’ which has come into force on—
[A] March 31, 1997
[B] April 1, 1996
[C] April 1, 1997
[D] None of these
Ans: [C]

58. Fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP was 4•0% in 2004–05 which sliped down in 2008–09 [Budget Estimates] to—
[A] 3.2%
[B] 2.8%
[C] 2.5%
[D] 2.1%
Ans: [C]

59. According to the Economic Survey 2007–08 during the period April 3, 2007 and February 6, 2008 Indian rupee appreciated against US dollar by—
[A] 5.6%
[B] 6.8%
[C] 8.9%
[D] 9.3%
Ans: [C]

60. Which statement of the following is true for IMF ?
[A] It is not an agency of UNO
[B] It can grant loan to any country of the world
[C] It can grant loan to state Govt. of a country
[D] It grants loan only to member nations
Ans: [D]

61. For 2006-07, agriculture growth rate has been estimated at—
[A] 3.8%
[B] 5.9%
[C] 0.0%
[D] 6.3%
Ans: [A]

62. Which of the following is public sector organisation ?
[1] FCI Food Corporation of India
[2] FCI Fertilizer Corporation of India
[3] Cotton Corporation of India
[4] Jute Corporation of India
[A] Only 1 and 2
[B] Only 2, 3
[C] Only 3, 4
[D] All of these
Ans: [D]

63. Which day has been declared as ‘Balika Diwas’ [Girl Day] by the Ministry of Woman and Children Development ?
[A] April 5, every year
[B] July 9, every year
[C] October 9, every year
[D] December 9, every year
Ans: [D]

64. For RIDF-XIII, allocation in Union Budget 2006-07 was—
[A] Rs. 4500 crore
[B] Rs. 5500 crore
[C] Rs. 10000 crore
[D] Rs. 12000 crore
Ans: [D]

65. The birth rate and death rate for the year 2006 have been estimated as—
[A] 26.2 and 8.1 per thousand respectively
[B] 24.8 and 8.0 per thousand respectively
[C] 23.8 and 7.6 per thousand respectively
[D] 23.5 and 7.5 per thousand respectively
Ans: [D]

66. Central Issue price of foodgrains under TPDS includes price for BPL and APL [below poverty line and above poverty line]. What is the difference between the two ?
[A] Price for APL is double of BPL price
[B] Price for BPL is one-third of APL price
[C] Difference of Rs. 500 per Qt.
[D] Difference of Rs. 250 per Qt.
Ans: [A]

67. What growth target government has estimated for the domestic crude production for the 11th Plan [2007–12] ?
[A] 42%
[B] 33%
[C] 29%
[D] 26%
Ans: [D]

68. Rural women can avail the benefit of Mahila Samriddhi Yojana if they open their account in—
[A] Rural Post Offices
[B] Commercial Banks
[C] Rural Development Bank
[D] Any of the above
Ans: [A]

69. Agriculture sector registered 6% growth in 2005-06 and it is estimated for year 2007-08 at—
[A] Again 6%
[B] 4.3%
[C] 3.3%
[D] 2.6%
Ans: [D]

70. As per the second advanced estimates of Agricultural Production for the year 2007-08 released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Kharif production has been estimated at—
[A] 110.52 Million Tonnes
[B] 112.24 Million Tonnes
[C] 114.42 Million Tonnes
[D] 115.9 Million Tonnes
Ans: [D]

71. Mistry Committee in its final report recommends full capital account convertibility by—
[A] 2008 end
[B] 2009 end
[C] 2010 end
[D] 2011 end
Ans: [A]

72. Which committee recommended tax on Agriculture Holdings ?
[A] Bhootlingam Committee
[B] Wanchoo Committee
[C] Raj Committee
[D] None of these
Ans: [d]

73. The Present Service Tax rate as proposed in Union Budget 2008-09 is—
[A] 8%
[B] 9%
[C] 10%
[D] 12%
Ans: [D]

74. The cause of deflation is—
[A] Lack of goods and services as compared to money supply
[B] Lack of imports as compared to exports
[C] Lack of money supply as compared to supply of goods and services
[D] None of these
Ans: [C]

75. Which of the following is a better measure of economic development ?
[A] Employment
[B] Size of exports
[C] Rural consumption
[D] National Income
Ans: [D]

76. Which bank in India performs duties of Central Bank ?
[A] Central Bank of India
[B] State Bank of India
[C] Reserve Bank of India
[D] Above [A] and [B]
Ans: [C]

77. Out of one Rupee expenditure, how much paise have been allotted for subsidy in 2008-09 budget proposals?
[A] 12 Paise
[B] 10 Paise
[C] 8 Paise
[D] 7 Paise
Ans: [C]

8. ‘India Brand Equity Fund’ was established in—
[A] 1996
[B] 1997
[C] 1995
[D] 1992
Ans: [A]

79. Mixed Economy means—
[A] Co-existence of small and large industries
[B] Promoting both Agriculture and Industries in the economy
[C] Co-existence of public and private sectors
[D] Co-existence of rich and poor
Ans: [C]

80. Ministry of HRD has announced to hike FDI limit in Education to—
[A] 65%
[B] 70%
[C] 75%
[D] 100%
Ans: [D]

81. “Pure Banking, Nothing Else” is a slogan raised by—
[A] ICICI Bank
[B] HDFC Bank
[D] UTI Bank
Ans: [C]

82. During 2006-07, External debt to GDP ratio in India stood at—
[A] 16.4%
[B] 17.4%
[C] 17.8%
[D] 15.8%
Ans: [A]

83. Indian State having the lowest Infant Mortality Rate is—
[A] Maharashtra
[B] Goa
[C] Gujarat
[D] Kerala
Ans: [D]

84. ‘Smart Money’ is a term used for—
[A] Internet Banking
[B] Credit Card
[C] Cash with Bank
[D] Cash with Public
Ans: [B]

85. Which of the following has the maximum share in GSM Mobile Phone Service Market ?
[A] Vodafone [earlier Hutch]
[B] Airtel
[D] Reliance
Ans: [B]

86. The main objective of TRYSEM was—
[A] To train rural youth for self employment
[B] To train urban youth for self employment
[C] Both of the above
[D] None of these
Ans: [A]

87. The establishment of IORARC [Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation] was officially declared on—
[A] March 5, 1996
[B] March 5, 1997
[C] April 1, 1997
[D] August 15, 1947
Ans: [B]

88. Inside Trading is related to—
[A] Share Market
[B] Horse racing
[C] Taxation
[D] Public Expenditure
Ans: [A]

89. The largest source of National Income in India is—
[A] Service Sector
[B] Agriculture
[C] Industrial Sector
[D] Trade Sector
Ans: [A]

90. ‘Public Sector’ means—
[A] Government ownership on commerce and trade
[B] Capitalist ownership on commerce and trade
[C] Private ownership on trade
[D] None of these
Ans: [A]

91. NABARD is—
[A] A bank
[B] A board
[C] A block
[D] A department
Ans: [A]

92. Indian Green Revolution is the most successful in—
[A] Wheat and Potato
[B] Jwar and Oil Seeds
[C] Wheat and Rice
[D] Tea and Coffee
Ans: [C]

93. The period of 10th plan in India was—
[A] 2000-2005
[B] 2001-2006
[C] 2002-2007
[D] 2003-2008
Ans: [C]

94. Economic Planning is in—
[A] Union list
[B] State list
[C] Concurrent list
[D] Not any specified list
Ans: [C]

95. Presently [from April 29, 2003] bank rate in India is—
[A] 7.0%
[B] 6.75%
[C] 6.25%
[D] 6.0%
Ans: [D]

96. Gross domestic savings as a proportion of GDP has been improving. What is the average percentage of gross domestic savings during the 10th plan ?
[A] 26.4%
[B] 31.4%
[C] 34.8%
[D] 35.2%
Ans: [B]

97. 12th Finance Commission has recommended to merge and determine one single interest rate on various outstanding central loans to states having different interest rates. What is this recommended interest rate ?
[A] 7.0%
[B] 7.5%
[C] 8.0%
[D] 8.5%
Ans: [B]

98. MRTP is related to—
[A] Monopoly and trade restrictions
[B] Inflation control
[C] Transport control
[D] Foreign Exchange Regulations
Ans: [A]

99. Interest Rate Policy is a part of—
[A] Fiscal Policy
[B] Industrial Policy
[C] Monetary Policy
[D] None of these
Ans: [C]

100. The basis of determining dearness allowance to employees in India is—
[A] National Income
[B] Consumer Price Index
[C] Standard of Living
[D] Per Capita Income
Ans: [B]


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