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Government Plans Sixth Economic Census to conduct as a Central Sector Plan Scheme 2012 current affaris

The Central Government plans to conduct the Sixth Economic Census as a Central Sector Plan Scheme during 2012. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation plans to carry out the fieldwork of this Census during January to June 2012, in collaboration with all State and Union Territory Governments. Dr. M. S. Gill, Union Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation has reviewed the plan of action for the conduct of the Sixth Economic Census.

The census would involve collection of data from entrepreneurial units in the country. Data on sectoral activity of the unit, number of workers, social group of the owner, female owned enterprise among others would be collected for micro level planning and policy formulations with respect to various economic activities. Due to growing emergence of the services sector in the post-economic reforms era, the unorganized sector has assumed greater importance, due to its significant contribution towards the Gross Domestic Product and also in generation of employment. As a result of economic liberalization, it is essential to study this particular sector which might have led to structural and compositional changes more rapidly in the recent years. The database would enable policy makers and analysts to assess the impact of the economic liberalization process on entrepreneurial activities, especially in the unorganized sector. The data at lower geographical levels like Tehsil/village in case of rural areas, and Wards in the case of urban areas, would also be a valuable input for local level planning required under 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments. Further, the information on number and distribution of entrepreneurial units would provide the framework for undertaking follow-up statistical sample surveys to assess the individual contribution of various industrial sectors, in the country’s GDP.

Dr. M.S. Gill has issued directions that the Ministry should prepare detailed activity-wise plan of action, including crucial and major processes, so that census is carried out on a sound footing without any slippage. This plan of action would be a guiding tool for the State and Union Territory Governments as well. Need for engaging qualified personnel for collection of data and supervision and also imparting intensive training was emphasized. A proper publicity plan will be mounted to create public awareness to elicit correct information and co-operation from the respondents of the census.


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