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Difference between 2G and 3G | 2G vs 3G | What is 2G and 3G

2G refers to second generation wireless telecommunication technology developed mainly for voice services and slow data services with data rates upto 9.6Kbps whereas, the 3G (3rd generation) mobile telecommunications is the generic name for the next generation of mobile networks that combines wireless mobile technology with high data rate transmission capabilities. The 3G network is capable of providing higher data rates upto 2 Mbps and supporting a variety of services such as high-resolution video and multi media services in addition to voice, fax and conventional data services.

Recently conducted auction of 3G spectrum has fetched Rs.3350.116 Crores per MHz, whereas there is no upfront cost of 2G spectrum as per the existing license conditions.

As on record no information is available where the price of 2G spectrum has been equated with 3G in any country of the world.


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