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Solar Lighting Systems

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is supporting installation of solar lights through state agencies, banks and system integrators. The state agencies and system integrators are required to submit specific proposal for consideration of the Ministry.

A total of 8.2 lakh solar lanterns, 6.57 lakh solar PV home lights and about 1.23 lakh solar PV street lights have been installed upto 28.2.2011 in the country. This includes 16,818 solar lanterns, 1,557 nos. SPV home lights and 5,885 SPV street lights in the State of Tamil Nadu.

As per an independent study in 24 districts in 6 states in the country, 73.62 % of the solar lanterns, 93.78% of SPV home lights and 69.28% of SPV street lights were reported to be functioning satisfactorily.


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